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Sticker Trading: Bomit has been known as the best place for trading stickers since September 2000. 

You get slaps from the 1000's of sticker artists that we have traded with from all around the world. 

We are not down with people who only "collect" stickers for their blackbooks or who are just sticker "traders". 

We only want to trade with you if you will actually go put the stickers up on the streets to be seen by the masses.

If you would like to trade stickers... 

Send us some top quality stickers. -We send you a grip of random blind mix stickers back. 

We send out a package of whatever stickers we have in stock. 

You might get duplicates / more than one of a certain sticker.

Please remember to print your name and return mailing address.

IMPORTANT: Please write VERY CLEARLY on the outside of the package.

No need to include a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope.

*Anyone who trades stickers knows that their stickers may end up going back out in a Bomit Pack.

So only send yours in for trade if the stickers are good!

We don't want any junky lame stickers.

Thank you for supporting the Sticker Community.